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How it began

Hi! We’re the Ragsdales. In 2009, we decided that we wanted to share the beautiful 7 acres of Texas countryside that we were proud to call our own with the camping world.  And so began the journey of building Southbound RV Park and Cabins.  Unlike some RV Park builders, all we had to invest in the beginning was sweat equity. We lived on-site and worked day jobs to support ourselves and the project while we built the park section by section in the evenings, on weekends, and on holidays, trying to be as economical as we possibly could.  Our first section had only six full-hook up RV sites! Slowly over time, we were able to add more and more sites, cabins, and amentities, and even adjacent land as we re-invested our profits.  Eventually, several years in, a small town bank took notice of us and partnered with us for continued expansion and improvement efforts.

Along the way

 We’ve had so many great experiences and met a lot of great people along the way, and we’re so grateful. Their friendships and encouragement help us to continue on even when things aren’t so rosy.  They say that campgrounds are the last small towns in America, and Southbound RV Park and Cabins feels like a Mayberry, for sure.  Does that make Chris Sheriff?

When we started building the park, we were a young, pre-kid, newly married couple.  All four of our children were born during those early years and have known no other life than the entrepreneruial one. (This is the way.) And what a great life it has been! It’s not unusual around here to have a kid on a tractor out shredding #theback40 or helping clean cabins, so don’t be alarmed when you see it.  Yes, they have school and spend plenty of time doing normal kid stuff, but we’re also busy teaching them the work ethic necessary to be successful in their live and future endeavors.  Growing up living the entrepreneurial, small business life is a great way to learn that!  And homeschooling gives us the flexibility to focus on learning the values and skills we know are essential.  Yep, we threw in homeschooling just make our crazy, small business life a bit more spicy:).

Working on the rv park late at night.

Where we’re headed

Currently, the park consists of 58 acres, of which 40 acres or so is undeveloped, old oak tree filled wildlife space. The developed side boasts of 49 full-hook up RV sites, 19 fully furnished glamping cabins, and 2 tent sites.  We’ll be adding some of our most requested amenities in the near future so stay tuned! Truthfully, it will probably take us the rest of our lives to accomplish the full vision we have for this place!  But step by step and year by year we aim to continue building and improving, God willing. Thank you to all who have been or will be a part of our journey.  We hope you enjoy camping at Southbound as much as we’ve enjoyed building it.

Southbound RV Park & Cabins began as an entrepreneurial dream—a vision of a place where guests could escape the ordinary and immerse themselves in the unparalleled beauty of the Texas countryside.  Even though we are a small, country park, our goal is to provide a welcoming a retreat that embodies the spirit of Southern hospitality while embracing the tranquility of the great outdoors. We strive to provide superior hospitality and quality amenities. And with full hook up RV sites as well as furnished country cabins, we’re sure to provide a solution to meet all of your lodging needs. 

Meet the Team

We might be biased, but we think we have the best team here at Southbound. Each of our staff is committed to caring for our guests as though they were family. With old fashioned work ethics and a heap of genuine, southern hospitality, we think you’d be hard pressed to find a better hospitality team….

Chris and Carla Ragsdale and Fam

Chris and Carla Ragsdale and Fam

Owner/Park Builder



Hospitality Director